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Category Archives: doujin

Mediafire -Adult!



Mediafire -Adult!


This is either madness…or brilliance.

Mediafire -Adult!


Short Rikka x Touka.

Update: I noticed that I’d left some text visible on one of the pages that I shouldn’t have. File updated.

Mediafire -Adult!


Declare this an emergency.

This was pretty rushed, but here it is. Nico x Maki book.

Download Page – Adult!


Raw: Yuri-ism
Translation/Editing: Me
QC: Procyon, WeatheredPeach, Phyis

Finally, a happy doujin again, this time about Vocaloids. You can read more about it on the download page. Thanks to Yuri-ism for the raws, and the people on Yuri Project for all the help they gave me on the editing and translation.

Mediafire – Adult!


Note: Some tentacles.

The day before the last battle, Mami asks Madoka to come to her room, but she seems different from how she usually is…

I should say that I’m not used to working with raws like this. Also, I still haven’t watched the anime, so sorry if I made any mistakes.