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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Mediafire -Adult!


Remilia and Sakuya get drunk.

I won’t do the second story because it isn’t exactly yuri, and I’m not really interested in it.

Mediafire -Adult!


Reimu is the seme for some (ry

Dynasty Reader -Adult!


Alice is the seme for some reason.

Update: File seems to have violated Mediafire terms of service or something. Trying to put it up somewhere else.

Update: It’s on Dynasty now.



Story about Remilia and Reimu.

Update: Made some changes. Thanks to natural-log for checking.

I will no longer be working on Color of White or Amaranto -Fine-. Sorry to the people who were waiting, but I don’t have the time to finish them.



Short story about Mokou and Kaguya. Thanks to natural-log and 89006.

Update for VNs: This is sudden, but I think I’m going to drop Color of White and Amaranto -Fine-. I’m sorry to the people who waited until now, but I don’t think I have the time to finish them.

Download Page


Short one-shot about two students, but there might be more to one of them than meets the eye. Here thanks to the people at Yuri Project again.

Raw: Phyis
Translator: me
Editor: Kari
QC: Procyon, WeatheredPeach, Phyis



Translator: me
Editor: Ean
QC: Afro Thunda

Short story about Kasen and Reimu. It isn’t like I like this pairing, okay?



Finally, a book about these two. The editing didn’t turn out that well (again), but hopefully it won’t be that noticeable to the casual reader.

One day, Mary finds that Renko has suddenly become a boy. Mary tries to figure out exactly what happened while other strange things occur.

Update: Fixed a few things. Thanks to natural-log for checking.



Second story of ETERNAL MEEK. Remilia and Sakuya talk about the red string of fate.