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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Download Page


Original one-shot about an ordinary girl and a slightly strange transfer student. You can read more about it on the download page. I have to thank the people at Yuri Project once again for their good work.

Raw: WeatheredPeach
Translation: me
Editing: Yuri101
QC: Phyis, me



Mid-length story about Keine and Mokou. Thanks to TimeWaster for editing.

Color of White Update: I’m going to start the Real♂Translation♂

Translated a short fanfic. I guess it can be classified as horror.



Short story about Marisa and Reimu as children.



Two short stories about the SDM, one by Minakata Sunao and one by Banpai Akira. Special thanks to natural-log and Afro Thunda.

Also, I might stray away from translating doujins for a while to work on another project I’ve left lying around, though there are a few doujins that have been translated by me but are still not completely edited.

Download Page – Adult!


Raw: Yuri-ism
Translation/Editing: Me
QC: Procyon, WeatheredPeach, Phyis

Finally, a happy doujin again, this time about Vocaloids. You can read more about it on the download page. Thanks to Yuri-ism for the raws, and the people on Yuri Project for all the help they gave me on the editing and translation.



I know the last doujin was dark, but here’s another dark one (sorry). A short story about the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Thanks to Montoya for giving me the idea to use the web version instead (the original raws I used weren’t straight, though the resolution was higher).



Also, I edited this doujin, Rabbit of the Moon, before, but it didn’t turn out very well, so Wanted45 re-edited it (and edited the SFX as well, which were provided by Montoya). I also updated the translation a little, so I think it’s worth considering getting this version even if you already have the old one.