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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Mediafire – Adult!


Note: Some tentacles.

The day before the last battle, Mami asks Madoka to come to her room, but she seems different from how she usually is…

I should say that I’m not used to working with raws like this. Also, I still haven’t watched the anime, so sorry if I made any mistakes.



Nitori seems to be wearing a helmet because she has caught a strange disease. Marisa tries to figure out what’s going on with her. Thanks to Afro Thunda for QCing.


Always amsy_001

To Meiling, Sakuya seems to have grown from an ordinary child into an elegant maid. However, others in the Scarlet Devil Mansion seem to know a side of Sakuya that she doesn’t. Meiling sets out to see if this is true. Thanks to wanted45 for editing.

Update (minor changes):



One more story about Keine and Mokou.



Translated by Tetrominon (with some changes by me). Edited by Wanted45. “A short story revolving around teacher Keine and student Mokou by pixiv artist yumiya. I’ve edited only SFW portion of the author’s work.”